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Speaker Blower Records is the first portuguese Drum´n´Bass Label and our sound is technical, advanced, futuristic and hipnotic. We have some of the best portuguese producers. Our release #0 is a free downloadable launch promo. More…

pro.jects in video


Wide Range

Since 1997, we have produced a lot of different projects in video. We only have here a few as we don´t have permission to use some of the videos - they are exclusive. All these videos were edited by Miguel Santos.


Alien Technology

This is, at the same time, a sci-fi short film and a music video! Inspired in Ed Wood and in the 50s sci-fi movies, this video is our best video so far! Do not miss this! more info

The Sandeman

Second music video we produced for the Dr. Speaker Blower LP "Distorted Visions". On this one, we used lots of video compositing and hand painting to make it different. Check it out!

SBR#8 "Distorted Visions" LP Promo

2013 small promotional video for the release #8 of the drum & bass label Speaker Blower Records: the Dr. Speaker Blower LP "Distorted Visions". We were asked for a "misterious video"...

First Rays of Darkness

This is a videoclip by Dr. Speaker Blower for his latest album "Distorted Visions". With a dark style to match the music, this is a video with several interpretations. more info

Dr. Speaker Blower Promo

Promotional video for the Dr. Speaker Blower website with a strong graphical component and a powerful track, along with the highlights of a 15 year career of d´n´b.

Speaker Blower Records Promo

Promotional video for the Speaker Blower Records website (and web videos), featuring all the artists of this portuguese d´n´b label in an advanced graphical and sound atomosphere.

Ourafilmes DVD start video

After 6 years using always the same video in the start of our DVDs, we made a new one... this time, we did a nice one with 20 seconds and Full HD to prepare the future.

Pensao Estoril

Our latest video is for a hotel in the center of Oporto. Features pictures by our photographer, Tomane. We produced both the video and the soundtrack. 45 secs - Widescreen (16:9).

In Between

This is a small film made to be projected side by side with the paintings in an arts exhibition by Sónia Carvalho. We did both the film and the soundtrack.


A theatre piece we have shot with two camaras during 3 days. Tough editing was required to match the different timing of the acting in the 3 days, in multi camera!

Miguel Palma Performance

This is an artistic performance that we filmed outside and projected in real time inside the gallery. Video was then edited and exhibited right next day with the piece.

The Spiral

This is the Dr. Speaker Blower first solo videoclip, back in 2003. Power graphics were used to match a speedy drum´n´bass track. Inspired in the vinyl records rotation.

Sentidos Grátis 6.0

30 seconds TV Comercial that we did some years ago. We did (in a row) all the video and all the audio including the music (and final audio/video renders) in only 20 hours!

Twilight in Space

Exclusive videoclip made for Sentidos Grátis free Arts Exibition in Oporto in 2003. Was projected there during 1 month and then was retired. Recovered from the attic in 2008... Historic.

Sonic Tribe Indians Live @ Maus Hábitos 2002

This legendary video was recovered from our second generation website (2002). It was the last gig before the band split. We have the track "Unknown Powers" live in this video.


Back in July of 2001, Sonic Tribe Indians played a memorable gig on a boat in the Douro River in Oporto. This video features the track "Vintage".




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