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FREE Facebook Pack! With 19 vst fx, 4 vsti, a samplepack and More…


Speaker Blower FX Pack! Includes more than 40 vst plugins! More…


Speaker Blower Synths Pack: with 6 phat sounding synthesizers. More…




Speaker Blower Records is the first portuguese Drum´n´Bass Label and our sound is technical, advanced, futuristic and hipnotic. We have some of the best portuguese producers. Our release #0 is a free downloadable launch promo. More…

in.side the machine: speaker blower Synths pack


Speaker Blower Synths pack (VST Instruments - PC) Only 20€

Pack with 6 original virtual synthesizers with super phat sound and unique characteristics. Includes the synthesizers: SB-1; SB-2, SB-3, SB-4, Lusus 3.0 and Rufius. Some of them have a very rare feature, very common in Dr. Speaker Blower sound: stereo detune (we can control the amount of detuning between the left and right side, creating a unique effect in the brain). Originally developed for my exclusive use, I decided to release them to the world with an excelent price. Only for interested users! Although some of the instruments are now free, the most exclusive can only be found here. Detailed information is available in PDF. These are final versions! No updates are expected for now!

Get 6 exclusive synths by donating 20€!

"Very bold and punchy sound. If you are creating a rigid style, then these tools are some of the best for the most daring ideas!" Nikolay Pogodaev

"Gotta say, these things sound literally amazing. I haven´t used all of them, but the synths sound so nice and analog, I just thought I´d write this to let you know that you are doing an amazing job at these." Myles Particio

"I have just about every synth known to mankind and all paid for, but your stuff is just out of this world. I love your tutorials too. I listened for a few seconds to your wonderful creations, especially SB-3 and SB-2, and I love them to bits." Mark Hodgson via Email

This software is not a commercial release. These are my custom made synths. They were made for my exclusive use but they are now available for any interested user. All synthesizers were extensively used and updated by me and are sold as they are. Demo versions are available and they serve as test versions on the different computer systems of the interested users.

Recently, we closed our online store so this software is now only available by donating 20€ on Paypal. We will then send you a link with your software.


SB-1 mp3 demo    SB-2 mp3 demo    SB-3 mp3 demo  

SB-4 mp3 Demo    Lusus 3 mp3 demo    Rufius mp3 demo


Available Synthesizers:

Lusus 3.0 - (R)Evolution of the Lusus free virtual analogue synthesizer. Future classic.

Rufius - Monophonic virtual analogue bass synthesizer with PWM. Raw!

SB-1 - Classic virtual analogue synthesizer designed for bass and leads.

SB-2 - Stereo detunable semi modular architecture synthesizer with multi effects.

SB-3 - Stereo detunable virtual analogue synthesizer. Ultra Phat circuitry.

SB-4 - Stereo detunable synthesizer with up to 20 oscillators!


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