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About Ourafilmes

Created in 1997 by Miguel Santos (aka Dr. Speaker Blower), we are based in Oporto, Portugal. We started as an independent video company but gradually we´ve become more speciallized in audio. This because many of people that worked with us since the beggining, followed another path or went working to national TV channels. The time we have in common to make independent movies is each time smaller so we dedicate ourselves to what we do best: audio. We still make movies and videoclips but, simply, they are not our first goal now. Here´s some pictures of our projects.

We work in both audio and video. In audio: sound recording (in location), sound editing and mixing for film and tv; creation of music and/or film/tv soundtracks; audio restoration and mastering. In video: industry videos, videoclips, artvideo and short films.


We now share a studio with Speaker Blower Records, a brand new drum´n´bass label, the first in Portugal. We have many things in common (we are sister companies) so we´ll work very closely. Check the studio page to know more about our studio.

Ourafilmes people

In these 18 years, our members have found other daily jobs in national tv stations or moved to other cities. A special mention to Vasco Neves, sadly deceased in 2003. Our members since the very beggining are:

  1. Miguel Santos - Sound, Director, Producer, Company Manager (Curriculum in PDF - PT )
  2. Rui Andrade - Camara, Editor (working in TVI)
  3. Vasco Neves - Camara, Producer (always between us, R.I.P.)
  4. Daniel Carneiro - Camara, Editor (working in RTP)
  5. Nuno Diogo Fernandes - Camara, Producer (working in Lisbon as a freelancer)
  6. António Silva (aka Tomané) - Still Photographer
  7. Joao Covas - Director of Photography, Camara (working in RTP)
  8. Mário Costa - Director of Photography, Still Photographer, Camara (from Lisbon)
  9. Pedro Leitão - Sound, Editor, Visual FX (recently moved to Lisbon)

Ourafilmes Curriculum

We´ve done many projects of very different natures. Here´s some of them:

"The Amazing Adventures of Sub-tron" 5 videoclips as a tv series (2013)

"Alien Technology" videoclip(2013)

Audio post-production and mixing for "Desespero" film (2013)

"First Rays Of Darkness" videoclip (2012)

"Geração à rasca" pilot episode for tv series (2011-12)

Location Sound, Dubbing, Sound Editing, and Mixing for "Mundo Catita" tv series (2006-8)

Location Sound for "Clausura" film (2007)

"In Between" video for an artistic exibition by Sónia Carvalho (2006)

"Seriously Affected" videoclip" (2006)

Live Location Sound for "Sagres Seleção" tv spot (2006)

Location Sound, Sound Editing and Mix for "1111" film (2005)

Sound and Soundtrack for "Panóias" documentary (2004)

"Nada - DVD" Teatro Plástico - theatre piece recording (2004)

"Performance de Miguel Palma DVD" artistic performance video recording (2003)

"Pintura de Joana Peres" cd-rom (2003)

"Twilight from Space" videoclip (2003)

"Dual Band" film (2002)

Sonic Tribe Indians "Vintage" and "Unknown Powers" videoclips (2001/2002)

"Reversed Life" videoclip (2000)

"Sonic Tribe Indians" live concert videos (2000-2002)

Lots of Artvideo (1997-2002)

"Des(a)tinos" film (1998)

"O Artista" film (1997)


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