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Independent film making since 1997

Our first short film, "O Artista", was produced back in the year of 1997. Since then, we have also produced "Des(a)tinos" (1998), in digital video, "Dual Band" (2002) and "Geração à rasca" (2012). Now in 2013, "Alien Technology". All films are in portuguese language only.

Alien Technology

This is, at the same time, a sci-fi short film and a music video! Inspired in Ed Wood and in the 50s sci-fi movies, this video is our best video so far! Do not miss this!

Geração à rasca

This is a 50 minute. alternative youth tv series pilot episode. It is the very first co-production of the company! Note that no following episodes are being produced.

Dual Band

Our latest short film is an old universal story. Do you really know your partner? Really do? This story is 8 minutes long and includes a surprise ending... If you watch it, you´ll understand...


This is the true low budget Ourafilmes independent movie. Filipe has an argument with his father and leaves his parents home. He starts then a drugs life. What will happen when he gets back?

O Artista

This is an unfinished work as the used editing VCRs destroyed the original tapes. This small video is the making of this film and is here for historical reasons only.




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