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"Alien Technology" - The whole concept

This is a music video for the Dr. Speaker Blower tune "Alien Technology" for the LP "Distorted Visions" (Speaker Blower Records #8). This is the third video for the album and it starts a new series of videos: sci-fi music videos!

The first video of a sequence of 6 is presented as a "50´s sci-fi movie" and the other 5 are presented as the following "Sci-Fi TV series" (that follow, of course, the narrative of the movie).

Using the song´s title, the initial concept was simply about the search of bass by an alien and music technology. Then, Sub-tron (the alien) was created alongside with Valve-tron (the master) in Adobe After Effects using the Element 3D plugin. The planet Speakon was designed as a speaker so everything would match. By this time, we started the video shootings and the first video tests with the "alien in the studio". The 50´s look was created for these video tests and it remained as a preset that was used on every shot of these 6 videos!

This video includes shots recorded with 2 different cameras and it also features some footage/drawings/3d modelling images by some of the world´s top artists (that kindly allowed us to use it and are credited in the end of the video). ESA also kindly allowed us to use some of their space and International Space Station (ISS) footage. With these permissions, the final part of the story was made entirely in After Effects using all this material. The final part was about making the "movie" soundtrack (the start and the end of the video). We followed the type of sound of the 50s sci-fi movies soundtracks of course, but not their sound quality! We consider this our best video so far.


This first video is slightly different from the following 5 in many ways:
-there is a mix of our work and 3D graphic design/drawings/3D modelling/video by several artists and in the TV series it is 3D modelling and video compositing 100% made by us.
-there is a mix of video and 3D/video compositing. No video shooting for the tv series - all is 100% CG.
-it has an intro and outro separate from the main video (they are incorporated in the tv series)
-the plot and/or location of the story is completely different: here it goes through many galaxies to Earth and it only travels in his own galaxy and surroundings in the tv series
-and many more


Audio technology had to be a strong point in this video. As a software creator, we decided to use the Dr. Speaker Blower´s own audio plugins as part of the storyline. This video should also reflect the 15 years of career of Dr. SB so we used everything: from the EMU hardware sampler (from the 90´s - when this machine was used on the first drum´n´bass tunes) and the whole sound studio of 2013. The satellite sequence is informative and uses the Dr. SB main contact data: website and latest info. All these details make this one of the best d´n´b videos ever! A future classic!


About Sub-tron:
Inspired in the master (Ed Wood, director of the worst film of all time) and in the 50´s Sci-Fi movies, the full story of Sub-tron was created by Dr. Speaker Blower and it was produced by Ourafilmes in Oporto, Portugal. All videos were directed by Miguel Santos. They are the first sci-fi music videos in this country!

Remember, following this "movie" there is the TV series "The Amazing Adventures of Sub-tron" with 5 more episodes! Do not miss it!


There are 2 more videos for 2 other tracks from this LP but they are not sci-fi videos. Check them here.




Miguel Santos 11/13


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