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in.side the machine: invictus


Invictus (Reaktor Synthesizer - PC/MAC)

Dr. Speaker Blower presents Invictus, a virtual analogue synthesizer with 24 voices. It sports a pair of oscillators per voice, dual multimode filters (serial or parallel routing), 3 envelopes, 1 lfo (draw your own lfo wave!) and a new 4x4 modulation matrix. Powerful Effects section with Saturation, Chorus and Phaser. Until here signal is mono. Then signal is stereo with delay and reverb. Invictus also has 3 available vision scopes: OuraScope (view the sound), WaveScope (view the waveform) and PhaseScope (check the signal phase). Use its audio input (mono-left channel only) for creative effects! Invictus is a full automatable REAKTOR 5 Synth, PC/Mac compatible (Stand Alone and/or VST/AU) and has 110 presets. Right-click any parameter and you´ll have the midi learn function that allows you o adjust it to your hardware midi controller. If you need to low the cpu usage, I recommend to reduce the number of voices. You´ll have to (re)adjust it the main volume, though. This synthesizer is rated 9/10 (May 08) by the demanding users of the Reaktor User Library in the Native Instruments (manufacturer) site. Click the picture to see a full size image. Have fun with it!   Dr. Speaker Blower

New in v. 1.31: Reduced CPU usage on saturation module, new presets, new filter routing, new filters (filter 1 has now 6 filter types and filter 2 has now 17 types), osc 2 sync, FM osc 1-2, 4x4 modulation matrix, new waveforms in the oscillators (osc 1 now also has a noise generator and oscillator 2 has a new sine waveform) and a redesigned GUI.

Note: this is a free version of this plugin: it is given as is, support is very limited. YOU NEED REAKTOR 5 to use this tool.

Demo: mp3 mix that clearly shows the raw power and the different uses of this plugin: as a synthesizer and/or as a powerful effects processor unit. It´s one loop vs me in one mic vs 20 instances of Invictus v 1.0 (17 as a synth and 3 as fx unit)! No further processing! Note that it is used here in a drum´n´bass mix but it can be used in any kind of music. Watch it in the mix!

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